Discount Blood Tests


Internal Medicine of Stafford is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Quest Laboratories and have negotiated aggressive price discounts for laboratory testing for self-pay patients. Our discounted rates allow anyone to self-check anytime at affordable rates.

No Doctor’s Requisition Necessary

Our discounted blood tests allow people to satisfy they own health curiosity without a doctor’s requisition. This means that you can order a test to find out if you have a cancer gene, check toxin or heavy metals level or find out if your vitamin levels are what they should be, even if your health insurance provider does not deem it necessary. You are no longer bound within the constraints of your health plans.

Blood Draw Locations

Quest Laboratories offer over 2,200 diagnostic labs across the country, meaning you have access to our discounted prices no matter where you live.

Who Can Benefit?

There are all kinds of reasons people would need a discounted blood test. Immigrants applying for legal status in the U.S. are required to get a clean bill of health before their applications are processed. Students who have no health care plans. These tests are beneficial to so many communities. If you know someone who does not have health insurance, be sure to tell them about this service.

Advanced Allergen Testing

One vial of blood equals 300 tests for indoor, outdoor and food allergens. Gone are the days of limited testing with 30 pricks on your back or inner arm for only 30 allergens. This test is the test you want, even if you are simply curious to find out if you have any potential allergies.

Want to check your vitamin levels? Check out all the vitamin tests we offer.


Pay for your testing in the office at the time of your appointment or use our convenient on-line payment options. You may then visit any Quest Laboratory located in your community. If you are a patient, your results will be automatically forwarded to Dr. De Simone.