In a world were impersonal “minute clinics” seem to be popping up on almost every street corner or pharmacy, Internal Medicine of Stafford offers personal and consistent care in an unhurried and private environment.  Dr. DeSimone and his staff get to know you personally and strive remember your name for the next time you come in.

Conveniently located on Garrisonville Road in Stafford, Internal Medicine of Stafford offers a variety of services from drug testing to patient care management.

Coming Spring 2016 – Discount Blood Tests for Self-Pay Patients

If you are a self-pay patient and find yourself on a limited budget, we will work with you to find options that fit your profile and your budget.  For our self-pay patients, IMS is proud to announce that we have partnered with Quest Laboratories to negotiate aggressive price discounts that we can pass on to you while accessing any of their conveniently located labs across the U.S.

Working With You to Save You Money

Having trouble affording your medication?  We find ways to make it easier for our patients to learn about discounts.  Did you know that some drug manufacturers offer discount coupons on their websites?  Good Rx is a favorite app of ours that we like to recommend.  Sign up with IMS for our updates on prescriptions and other health issues.

Suboxone Program at Internal Medicine of Stafford

Dr. DeSimone is one of few doctors in the area to prescribe Suboxone.  Learn more about this program in our Services section.