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Can’t Afford Your Prescription?

Having trouble affording your medication? Download the GoodRx app today and start saving money!

When we first found out about Good Rx, we sampled the cost of the generic version of Imitrex (Sumatriptan) – 9 tablets of 100 mg. What we came up with was astounding. Here is some of the pricing we found for this drug with a Good Rx coupon:
Walmart: $14.31
Safeway: $14.56
Target: $20.16
Walgreens: $57.33
CVS Pharmacy: $72.81
Rite-Aid: $98.00

Download the app, search for your medication and find the coupon for the cheapest version of the drug you are looking for. You may text, email or save the coupon to your photos and simply present the coupon to the pharmacist when presenting your prescription. No need to print the coupon.

Start saving money today and never overpay for another prescription.

Yellow discount card representing a coupon from Good Rx with options to Email Coupon, Text Coupon or Save to Photos

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